Topman S/S 2017 show


Topman Spring/Summer 2017 sailor show. That’s what I got from the live stream of their show today. Topman has brought back the salmon pink and brown tones from the 40’s and 50’s along with the huge printed jackets shirts and also jumpers from Margati which is making a comeback. What I loved about the designs of the jumpers were their color combinations which really stuck out to me like the all white and all black jumper with the big print on the back. 

I have also noticed that the shorts for next spring and summer has gotten a lot shorter than the shorts that are current. I think you would have to be a real confident guy to wear those in my opinion. Besides the huge print and jumpers I also adored the loafers All the models wore. (I think I will have to snag a pair of the loafers). Another big staple from the show were some very vibrant silk shirts that flowed gracefully along the catwalk that was paired with a nice tailored suit. This show has displayed very nice pieces that I see a lot of guys wearing next year. Also I see the big print and jumpers becoming a huge trend in street-wear for next year. 

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