Coach S/S 2017 Mens Fashion Show. 


If you love leather and bomber jackets Coach has a plethora if new designs and styles for their new jacket collection. Coach’s main focus for their men’s fashion show in London was leather jackets and bomber jackets. The have brought jackets to another level with their designs for 2017. I am in love with a couple of their jackets with their edgy designs and patterns. A lot of the leather jackets had some amazing designs along with some fringe which I notice a lot of designers are bringing back since it died out in the 70’s. Also some of them had bottle caps attached to them which gave it that 1970’s aesthetic. 

Coach’s bomber jackets had some designs that I really love. From patches to suede and fur they brought it all and had some of my all time favorite bomber jackets that I have never seen before. I was never a big bomber jacket fan but Coach got me on the train to buying a few myself. Coach has set the bar extremely high for their competition in my opinion. Here are a few looks from the show. 

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