Jesse Williams Fiery BET Award speech


Jesse Williams hit the nail on he head last night when he gave his award speech at the BET Awards last night. The amazing actor from Greys Anatomy won the Humanitarian award for his efforts for fight for justice in this corrupt system in America. His speech pointed out everything wrong during this live televised event. My favorite quote from him was. “gentrifying our genius, trying us on like costumes before destroying our bodies like rinds of strange fruit.” 

From systematic oppression to justifying the cops killings and then letting go home to eat a sandwich and continue their daily lives. His speech got an amazing standing ovation and endless cheers from the crowd as he pressed on with his speech and exposing Americas corrupt system. All of my family loved his speech and I’ve watched it numerous times on YouTube. That speech was not the only message during the show that said something about Americas wicked system, but it was the main one that stood out to me last night. Listen to what Jesse Williams spoke about in his speech in the link below if you missed his genius speech. 

Jesse Williams BET speech

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