Bomber Jackets


Bomber Jackets have become a major fashion staple in just about everyone’s wardrobe this year. Ever since I seen the bomber jacket hit the shelves last fall people have been buying them like it was a pair of YSL Chelsea boots. The more exclusive and different they were the faster they sold out. I’ve also noticed how a simple bomber jacket can change the look of an outfit. From just being a plain boring outfit to an outfit that’s in your face and turning heads. Not all bomber jackets are the same. Some are made from different fabric, some fit you differently, some have different designs on them, and others have different functionality. 

Most bombers that I see a lot of people wear are the ones that are made from 100% polyester. They are very light bomber jackets with the European fit to them plus they have the little pocket on the left arm with the zipper. I’ve seen a few bomber jackets with two pockets on the arm (one on each side) but I don’t see too many of those. These style jackets can be worn all year round because they are very light. Now it does depend on where you live and how hot it gets because I live in Houston TX and you can’t wear it outside unless you want to have a heat stroke so I only wear it indoors. 

100% polyester bomber worn by me. 

100% polyester worn by Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

Another style bomber jacket are the ones made by suede and cotton which you can see in the first picture above. These are much thicker and to me I think should be worn in the fall/winter because of how thick they are plus bomber jackets make great layering pieces in your outfit. A lot of times you can find these style bomber jackets in two tone colors. Also these come in different sizes. The European size which is cropped and the American size which is not cropped and a little longer. Sometimes they don’t come with the pocket on the sleeve but it all depends on what your looking for. 

The next style bomber jacket are the Japanese style bombers and personally my favorite. I love these because they give you that extra bit of swag in your outfit and makes you stand out from anyone else who may have a bomber jacket on. I started seeing these style jackets pop up during the spring before Paris fashion week started. Most of the time these are going to be more expensive  than the other types of bomber jackets I’ve spoken about because of the designs that the jackets have on them plus they are made from silk most of the time. You will also find several of these that are thicker as well. I think these types of jackets are for those fashionistas that dare to be different. 

The Japanese style bombers make a huge statement about your style and personality. If your the type of person who loves to be bold and be different I say this is the style jacket for you. 

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