Burberry fall 2016 fashion show. 

Christopher Bailey presented his Fall 2016 collection for Burberry at London Fashion Week on Monday. I really loved the old school look that they went for when he designed the new collection. According to show notes, the collection is inspired by a reissue of Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando, which tells the tale of a poet who lives for centuries, turning form a man to a woman in the process. The novel was published in 1928 and turned into a film starring Tilda Swinton in the ’90s. 

Some of the pieces at the beginning of the show reminded me of the Elizabethan era with a lot of laced and draping pieces. The middle and the end of the show turned to a whole different look and gave me late 60’s and early 70’s looks with florals And leather jackets with the fur on the inside of the coat including the collar. Those looks would have really reminded anyone of the whole British boy band craze of the late 60’s. 

There were also a few military jackets in the show paired with a neck blouse featuring passementerie details and menswear cut with bold, broad shoulders.

One last thing that happened at the show before Christopher came out to take a bow. The brand introduced a new bag that pairs nicely with the brands vibrant colors. A lot of high-end brands are taking us back to the old school days when it comes to fashion. Either they are trying to bring back chic looks that were a major staple back when they originally appeared, or they are trying to tell a story just by taking us back in time. Either way I love what they are doing and looking forward to more. 

Burberry FW 16/17 fashion show

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