Balmain’s Jungle themed Spring 2017 collection. 

Olivier Rousteing presented his Spring 2017 collection for Balmain on Thursday at Paris Fashion Week. Balmain jungle themed show was so beautiful and I love all of the colors that Oliver Roustieng chose for his new collection. My favorite pieces from the show were the snake skin print looks even a lot of the belts had the snake skin print on them to. 

The gorgeous colors that he used were these amazing deep reds and green colors. A lot of the deep colors that had the snake print reminded me of a few Japanese kimonos and Japanese military Armor that you would see in a few Japanese warrior movies. 

The other designs that didn’t have the snake print made sure you felt as though you were on a safari adventure in the jungle just by the colors and how some of the outfits looks as though you were about to explore the jungle with Laura Croft. Oliver always does an amazing job when he is presenting a new collection. 

Of course it wouldn’t even be a Balmain show without Kim Kardashian West? Not only did Rousteing’s perma-muse sit front row with her sister Kourtney and mother, Kris, but her likeness was also printed on the show’s invites. This is why Balmain is my favorite high end brand and Oliver Roustieng is my favorite designer, because with the beautiful colors and the theme of the show Oliver always makes sure you feel as though your in the jungle so that you can get an idea of how he wants his pieces to look and feel if you were actually wearing them. 

Balmain Spring 2017

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