Kendrick Lamars most talked about album


Kendrick Lamar lets his music do the talking. With his latest album Damn an early pick for the year’s best and a spot as a headliner at Coachella. Kendrick has always been a rapper that spoke about racial economic inequality, politics, and society in his music without giving two (F%^*#). It’s also one of the main reasons why I love him as a hip-hop artist, because he doesn’t always degrade women or the black community by speaking on nonsense topics in his music. My three favorite tracks off the album are Feel, Loyalty, and Humble. The reason being is because he speaks deeply on topics that some people are afraid to speak on because they are worried about hurting peoples feelings or just trying to be politically correct which is something I hate. 

Though he didn’t release an entirely new album on Easter the way online rumors had predicted, Lamar did debut a short film, The Damn Legend of Kung Fu Kenny, while onstage. The homage to 1970s movies like Fist of Fury and Five Fingers of Death added another layer to Lamar’s choice of outfit. With his alter ego, Kenny, fending off foes and voyaging in search of “The Glow,” the surreal clips hammered home Lamar’s love of Hong Kong cinema and its lasting influence on hip-hop. Also with Lamar headlining Coachella he has become the toast of the festival, and he’s done so in understated style. Most of the festival’s male stars have seen Coachella as an opportunity to peacock, and while their fashion consciousness has led to exciting moments like Wiz Khalifa taking the stage in Haider Ackermann, Travis Scott test-driving the latest in Balenciaga menswear, and A$AP Rocky wearing Louis Vuitton’s coveted Supreme collaboration, Lamar’s minimalist wardrobe made the weekend’s biggest statement. 

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