2018 Dior Cruise


The Resort world tour continues with Dior’s show in Los Angeles. This evening, artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri brought the fashion pack to the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve in the Santa Monica Mountains—in ATVs, no less!—to present a collection of midi dresses, utility jackets, and chunky knits fit for the rugged, laid-back setting. 

Chiuri’s unlikely inspiration? The primitive wall paintings in the Lascaux cave, which are estimated to be up to 20,000 years old. She discovered that Monsieur Christian Dior was fascinated by Lascaux; his Ovale collection of 1951 featured prints inspired by the paintings. Chiuri riffed on the idea in her own way tonight, but like Monsieur Dior, her pieces had a mystical, otherworldly quality. 

In the vast nature preserve, guests were seated in airy tents that offered views of the hills. The show began just after sunset, and in the background, hot-air balloons swayed gently in the breeze. As for the runway, there wasn’t one; models walked on the packed dirt in flat boots and leather sandals. 

What I really loved about the Dior collection is that it took inspiration from Indian tribal and animal prints. The location really set the mood for the collection and actually brought it to life as if you were in that time period with the Indians. My favorite pieces were the furs and midi dresses. Chiuri has really outdone herself with the collection including putting the same tribal print on the cowboy hats as well. She did not leave any pieces out from the collection when she designed them. Sometimes some designers have a few accessories in the collection that does not match the theme of the entire collection which to me throws everything off. All in all this collection is to die for and I’m sure it will be a top pic for major celebs. 


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