Gucci’s Resort Show


Gucci presented its Resort Show yesterday in Florence Italy yesterday at the Palatine Gallery of Palazzo Pitti. It First opened to the public in 1833, the Gallery exhibits 500 paintings from the Renaissance era.  The palace was decorated with stools printed with “Bacchus’ Song,” a poem by Lorenzo de’ Medici. Alessandro Michele brought history back to his collection by taking cues from the hippie era the late 60’s early 70,s. Michele also brought back bell bottoms, silk blouses, and platform heels. Golden laurel wreaths, Latin verses, and cithara-embellished headbands were some of the historically minded elements of Michele’s collection. There were also gilded animal heads, and detailed dragon and tiger embroideries. 

Also Gucci had beaded gowns and entire suits made in Guccis monogram prints. Michele’s love of glitz doesn’t end at clothing and accessories. Models at this season’s had their bodies embellished with pearl trimming and their fingertips dipped in black ink. Quirky boys and girls are the bread and butter of Gucci’s runway cast, but this season, Michele accented his lineup with several musicians. Dirt Hand’s Arun Roberts, Savages’s Jehnny Beth, and Shock Machine’s James Righton were some of the famous musicians that took a turn.

Gucci changed the game by incorporating history, art, and fashion in one show. Check out Gucci’s full show below. 

Gucci Resort Show

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  1. Ron says:

    “Every sort of coloured snipping
    Won its own symmetric right :
    Though your wit on each be trippin
    In the whole you take delight…”


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