The Art of Style. 

What is style? I believe Style is a part of your character  and there is an art to it, you either have it or you don’t. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t learn it. Some people can come up with their own personal style by their imagination. Others can get it just by looking at different people’s style they come across and put their own twist to it. Style should always tell a story about who you are or how you feel. 

(Fashion is in the Moment, Beauty is Eternity.) You can get inspired about fashion and beauty with anything you look at or come across in your day to day life wheather its art, Instagram, your favorite celebrity, music, archetecture, and Nature. Basically anything that inspires you can influence your style and how you show that characteristic about yourself. Fashion is what you define is beautiful to you and no one else. Everyone has their personal style and each one is different than the next. 

Style has certainly started to become part of art and music over the last few years which has sparked a lot of people’s sense of fashion. With different celebrities coming out with their own clothing line to different fashion collaborations that have gone mainstream style has taken a turn for the better. No matter where you go you see different styles that has taken a little bit of pop culture or a certain era of style and made it more modern to today’s fashion. Like the northeast of the US you see a lot of the 80’s and 90’s mixed with high end fashion. The west coast is more streetwear and yet classy and the south is more urban and country at the same time. Style has been embraced and taken to another level and I believe that it’s onwards and upwards from here. 

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