The Eccentric Runway of Alexander McQueen. 

Alexander’s work was very controversial and out of the box which is why everyone loved his work. With cut outs in parts of his pieces and showing body parts made some of the shows unavailable to show in some countries. A lot of his pieces in some ways were created to display stories of sex drugs and even death. Even though he was a very eccentric designer a lot of celebrities love this work like Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga who was well known for wearing his pieces at the beginning of her career. When he was made creative director of Givenchy in 1996 he didn’t enjoy it one bit. The reason being was that he wasn’t able to be as creative as he usually is with his own label, and it showed in his work so he parted ways in 2001. 

The horn of plenty which is presented on March 10, 2009 was one of his most sought after shows. The audience was seated around amount of trash which was inspired by the model boys for life style that was a part of modern culture in 2008 when we were going through and economic crisis. All the pieces in the shower I’ll revisit it from Pashills of different designers. The message of the show representative throwing away of everything old to make away for everything new. The colors of the show was red and black which is a color he thought represented the end. Also the hats in the show were signature pieces that everyone loved. 

Plato’s Atlantis which was president October 6, 2009 was the first Show streamed online. This show is a mythical engulfed City. The first fucking thing in the show it was extremely high stiletto call the armadillos shoe. That she was so high that some models refuse to wear them because they can walk in them. There she was also recognizable because Lady Gaga wore the shoe at the video music awards. The models also had to wear a facial prosthetics and wear their hair like fins. The inspiration for this show was the ocean with some books created by shells and some with satellite imagery of the ocean even oil blue waters like the oil rig that exploded six months before the show in 2010. The show was new it was creative it was pessimistic like a Alexander wanted to convey. Plato’s Atlantis is my favorite show from him because I love water in the cradle for look that was presented in the show. 

His final show The Bone Collector Took place January 18th 2010 three weeks before his suicide. The show is a lesson no men’s collection with bones like a countdown to death. The skull appeared on many of his items such as bracelets while it’s in chains one of his best sellers was a scarf with whites skulls. For the models the make up was pale the hair was wild and frizzy and the cost of the sleeves or not it to indicate slit wrists. Alexander was idolized as one of the most brilliant fashion designers of the day because of the ideas and creative looks he presented in his shows. 

On March 7, 2010 a lot of editors in fashion designers held a meeting and present in his unfinished collection that he was working on prior to his death. After the presentation everyone left in tears because the pieces were so beautiful and it was just a few days after his death. Even to this day his legacy continues with his assistant being the creative director of Alexander McQueen. 

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