Mens 2017-2018 Fall/Winter Trends

Now that fall is approaching everyone is getting ready to pull out their fall essentials. Let’s see what popular trends have been seen on the runway and also in streetwear for men. The first trend that I have started seeing since the begging of summer is track suits and athletic wear. I have been seeing more of this the past couple of months on the street since it has been hot or guys just want to wear a relaxed fit. Also this trend has spilled onto the runway for the fall and winter. I have seen designers such as Addidas, Champs, Nike, and Gucci has also joined the game on this popular trend. I don’t expect this to go anytime soon because if you just want to throw something on really quick without having to think about a whole outfit I think is a great idea. 

Let’s talk about fur. Usually I see fur normally in women’s fashion I haven’t seen fur in men’s fashion since the 90’s and now it’s back full force from full fur coats to fur on the inside or just on the collar of leather and denim jackets. I’ve been seeing this on the runway from Valentino, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. I think this will be a very popular yet expensive trend to add to your wardrobe this season. 

Flannels are another trend for this season to add to the wardrobe. Even though flannels have never gone anywhere they have become very popular on the runway whether it’s was streetwear or suits. I’ve mostly seen a lot of flannels shown more on runways where designers are presenting men’s suits rather than casual wear. 

Slogans have been gaining popularity ever since the last Yeezy season that has been released. Ever since then you started seeing them on more jackets, Tee’s, and even some shoes. I love slogan wear because you get to express how you feel or just your character in general just by wearing a shirt or a jacket. This trend has been taken over by high-end designers like Gucci, Loui Vuitton, Prada, and Versace. Get use to seeing this trend for the next couple of years because not only is it trendy but designers see it as a marketing platform to create more buzz especially when they are doing a collab like Supreme and Louis Vuitton did. 

Another trend that has come back in a very new way is leather and not just leather jackets. I’m talking about leather pants, vests, and even leather shirts which I never expected. Now Balmain has taken the lead on this trend because I’ve seen Oliver Rousteing using leather in his collections for the last couple of seasons, more so in his women’s collection than men’s. Other designers who have come out with leather prices in their men’s collection are YSL and Prada. I know for sure that I will be getting a pair of the YSL leather pants with the zippers in them. Men’s fashion has really stepped it up over the past several years and I myself am happy for that because men’s fashion was very boring. These were just a few of the trends for this Fall and Winter and I’m pretty sure there are a lot more to show itself. 

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