Calvin Klein SS18 show

Raf Simons and Pieter Mulier presented their Spring 2018 collection for Calvin Klein. This collection is a favorite of mine because it made you feel as though you stepped back in time and went back to the 1970’s or the Midwest. The collection showed pieces that had the models look like cowboys and cowgirls. The only thing that was missing was BBQ and baked beans. While watching the show you can tell that the designers had a story to tell as if they were taking you back into time and then bringing you back to today with the modern pieces they presented in the collection as if they were giving you a small glimps of where they wanted to take you in the near future with their collection. 

Raf Simmons and Pieter Mulier displayed a lot of fringe in this collection along with tons of leather which are two major trends that are out this season. Not only that they also showed a lot of red and blue in this collection. I really loved this collection because it really showed that the designers wanted to catch the eyes of the audience not just by creating beautiful clothes but also telling a story so that you can have a very creative idea of how the designers invisioned their customers wearing their clothes. 

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