Rihanna is really turning up the heat in the beauty and fashion world. With hear new beauty release that practically sold out last week to her new FentyxPuma collection that was released on Sunday evening. She is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. When the show kicked off it started off with a few motorcross stunts jumping off ramps that were set up against the pink sand runway. 

It wasn’t a coensidence that she had motorcross riders in her show because her Spring 18 collection presented a sports gear collection that included motorcross and surfer aperal. Motocross staples like enlarged logos, loose trousers, and utility straps mixed with surfer musts like scuba fabrications and skin-hugging silhouettes made for a look that was loose and easy. If you are a sports person and you are looking for new gear to not only work well and keep you cool when your running, swimming, or pushing the limits down a race track, but to also look cool at the same time this is a line for you. 

That wasn’t the only new staple that RiRi presented to the world. She also came out with a new shoe which was a stiletto-heeled flip flop that a lot of the models wore down the runway. I love how artists are starting to mix fashion and sports gear together. Not only is Rihanna showing everyone that it’s good to dress well but it’s also great to make sure that you are in shape and look well while doing it just like Beyoncé and her IVY PARK line. The new street/sports wear is starting a new wave in fashion that’s catching a lot of designers and customers eyes when it comes to everyday wear. Designers are showing the fashion community that you can wear high fashion and look so relaxed at the same time. I’m very eager to see where this sports/street wear takes fashion in the future. 


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