Oscar De La Renta

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia chose Sotheby’s York Avenue galleries for their sophomore Oscar de la Renta show. Their collection I thought was very artsy. With all the print and writing on the designs gave me a spring/summer vibe because with that time of year I not only think of bright colors and fun times with friends and your loved one, I also pair that time of year with vibrant art and music. I couldn’t help but to picture that while watching the show. Also some of the pieces by being made of lace fabric especially the final piece which was so lovely in the pink and white lace with a long trane; I was thinking of someone who would go see a ballet or someone who does ballet as a profession. 

Although the collection was well represented the show was met with mixed reviews, not least of all because there are real questions about the best way forward for heritage brands like Oscar de la Renta. Honor the house founder? Modernize his legacy? Reject it outright? Everyone has a different idea about what the right balance is. Laura and Fernando has a long way to go to make the brand as exciting and vibrant as the historic brand once was and to set themselves apart from the rest. This is just their second year at the helm of the fashion house and I think they will become very successful with the younger market because of how the pieces catch the eye. 

Oscar De La Renta


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