Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2017 Ready To Wear Show. 

Ralph Lauren’s show was the most elegant show I’ve seen in a while. His ready to wear collection was so stunning that my jaw dropped at some of the looks that were presented on the runway. I loved how he incorporated HyperCars into his show like the black Ferrari LaFerrari, the silver Porsche 918 Spyder, and the yellow McClaren P1 which gave the show a James Bond type of vibe to the show which made the show that much more spectacular. The bespoke suits were my favorite pieces of the collection, they made me want to put on a suit and drive off into the night in a sexy hypercar. When the ladies walked out onto the runway in the lovely dresses just made me gasp, and the fabric that the dresses were made out of made the colors pop out like no other. 

I have to say that Ralph Lauren never fails when he presents a new collection, and this collection was by far the most stunning collection I’ve seen so far. Even when Ralph Lauren came out at the end of the show he got a standing ovation from the entire audience. That’s how you know you’ve done an outstanding job when you get a standing ovation for your collection which was just out of this world. 

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