LaQuan Smith a Household Name Shutting Things Down

LaQuan Smith has become one of the most desired fashion designers over the past few years. From Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and even Cardi B wearing his signature designs. His designs have been the most provocative, sexy, and daring collection I have ever witnessed in a long time. I believe his collection is specifically made for a woman who is confident, successful, and knows what she wants in life. 

A fashion enthusiast from the start LaQuan was raised in St. Albins Queens designing his very first collection in his grandparents home. Even from the beginning LaQuan has always been a daring person and you can see that in his designs. From sneaking into Fashion Week events and networking with people to get himself noticed in the fashion world. He has always done things that are very out of the box compared to other designers. Which has even made other designers knock off some of his designs when he was just starting out. Even though designers knock off some of the newcomers hard work that didn’t stop LaQuan, he would think well what is a way that I can really set myself apart from everyone else so that they will not be able to copy my work. “When I started, I wanted to create pieces that had never been done and were progressive—I still do, but it’s also about reinforcing the silhouettes I’ve become known for. We change things up every season, improving, evolving, and making sure there is that quality.” I believe the LQS brand is becoming a couture powerhouse that will be desired for years to come. 

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