Chloe and Halle’s Rise to Fame and Fashion

So as we all know, the Super Bowl took place yesterday, and Chloe and Halle shut their opening performance down. Not only that, but Beyonce posted today on Instagram that “she is so proud of Chloe and Halle”. Chloe and Halle started their careers by posting videos and doing covers on Youtube. They later was discovered by Beyonce under Parkwood Entertainment since 2015. . If you have never heard any of their covers you really need to because the way they put melodies and harmonies together is something that you have never heard before; then you wonder how in the world did they do that. In 2017 they officially released their self proclaimed album that surprisingly mostly produced themselves and thats rarely heard of in the industry when you are just starting out. But it doesn’t stop there if you watch the show Grown-ish they are the artists singing the theme song. You can obviously see that this sister duo is here for the long hall because their creativity never stops.

While these two phenominal women are on tour opening up for Beyonce and Jay-z they have taken a page from Beyonce when it comes to their fashion sense. Chloe who is 20 and Halle who’s 18 has teamed up with Teva a clothing brand which is very centerd around comfort to select their most loved styles. Teva combines really cute styles with great comfort. Chloe likes to experiment with her look and explains to US Magazine that her style tends to be a bit boho-chic. When it comes to both Chloe and Halle their fashion Icons are Beyonce, Solange, Rihanna, and Zoe Kravits to name a few. Beyonce has really inspired not only their vocal styles but also their fashion styles. This sister duo has impacted the red carpet in some iconic ways, but when it comes to their most iconic looks it was their gold dresses that they wore to the MTV Video Music Awards which were absolutely stunning. One of my favorite looks was the dresses they wore during their Late show appearance that had the hundred dollar bill print on them which i thought was creative, different but yet so chic at the same time. Both outfits that Chloe and Halle wore during their Super Bowl performance were so amazing and gave them a classy chic look that in many people’s eyes made them look sophisticated. These two outfits were designed by STYLAND a company that designes for celebrities but you can also shop the same looks that your favorite celebrities wear.

Chloe and Halle have such an amazing vocal ability that you dont hear to often and not only that their sense of style is just out of this world. You can deffinitly tell that their creativity is mimicked after Beyonce because of how they just surprise eveyone when they just pop on the scene just like when Beyonce all of a sudden drops something with no notice and the whole world stops and flocks to her projects like someone flocks to food after fasting for about three days. These girls have a full career ahead of them and they show no sign of stopping. I give all the credit to Beyonce for finding these two sisters and putting them on the map because the style they bring to the entertaiment and Fashion world is so refreshing.

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