Tommy x Zendaya


If you love the 70’s Tommy Hilfiger has collaborated and created a line with none other than Zendaya a well know actor and singer. Thisline took us all the way back to the old days when afros’s and bell bottoms were the everyday look. The show took place in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. The set up was the Iconic 1970’s setup with the light up floors that you would have normally seen at Studio 54 and also Soul Train. This era was known for the disco days with the platform boots, colorful outfits, Jackson 5, Earth Wind and Fire, and Stevie Wonder.

Speaking of artists there were many celebrities that came out to support Zendaya and Tommy like Layla Anthony, Tyra Banks, Janelle Monae, and Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton. It doesn’t stop there Grace Jones was also in attendance and she walked down the runway in the finally piece as she danced and twirled. When she came out onto the runway the crowd literally cheered her on as she is an iconic model from the 90’s and everyone was excited to see her model for the collection. Zendaya and Tommy has done an excellent job on this collection which i can honestly say is a winner amongst the celebrities who came out to show their support. Let’s see what else Zendaya has in the works in the future because this collection is definitely a hit

Tommy x Zendaya

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