Fashion Model Olivia Anakwe Calls out Hairstylists Who can’t style black hair

Fashion Model Olivia Anakwe called out hairstylists during Paris Fashion Week after being told that her hair would take too long or backs being turned as she walked up to get her hair done or being told to get out of a chair because they truly didn’t know how to do her hair. Olivia did an interview with Teen Vogue and stated how she has been treated in the fashion and beauty world when in that business you are supposed to be an expert in your field. She stated that “I certainly have. The face the stylist (usually white) makes when I approach their chair is unmistakable: It’s a mix of worry and disgust as they size up my Afro and silently curse the moment they got paired with such a “difficult” client. Comments follow. They make a condescending remark that they don’t have much time to style me (because it’s so difficult and would take all day, you know) or they assure me that they have experience working with “my kind of hair” so I shouldn’t worry, referencing that one time they worked with [enter black celebrity name here]. Worse, they dismiss me or act like they don’t see me at all.”

“I was asked to get out of an empty chair followed by having hairstylists blatantly turning their backs to me when I would walk up to them, to get my hair done,” experiencing this in the Fashion world when your team is supposed to know how to do all types of hair is not ok. Just like fashion designers who are now adding models to their show from all types of backgrounds hairstylists should also know how to do all types of hair in order to call yourself an expert. How can you as a (white hairstylists) call yourself an expert but have no experience working with black kinky hair. Black hair stylists are required to learn how to style all types of hair so why does the same not apply to others? Also Naomi Campbell stated that she experienced the same treatment when she was young with hair stylists not knowing how to style black hair.

Not just models but black celebrities in general go through the same thing as celebrity and comedian Loni Love tweeted her experience saying Honey I have brought my whole glam kit, flat irons, pink lotion, Shea butter at times during a new set.. I’m tired of looking grey with red lips.

Gabby Sidibe from Empire also tweeted a statement saying.

These are just a few celebrities who have made remarks about their experiences in Hollywood. Don’t get it twisted for any of us black folk who are not in the industry. Black celebrities go through more than us normal black folks do in the industry but on a different scale. Don’t ever forget that if you call them a sell out or they doing it for the money or they just forgetting where they come from. From what they are experiencing they sure as hell not forgetting where they come from they have to endure 100 times more than we do. So until these stylists learn and become more experienced in their field celebrities will continue to speak up about it until a change is made.

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