Indonesia’s Most Stylish Fashionista.


Ezra Williams has made the most out of anyone during this Fashion month by testing the limits when it comes to his style as he goes from show to show during New York Fashion Week and also Paris Fashion Week. This 28 year old has been making it known that he is the king of style during 2019 Fashion month as he sits on the front row of Chanel and Balmain. Ezra who is a New York Socialite and runs the town with other people of his stature like Ej Johnson, Kyra Kennedy, Tiffany Trump, Paris Hilton, and Nicky Hilton Rothschild. Also if he looks familiar to you he was a regular on the hot Reality show “Rich Kids of Instagram”.

Ezra has always loved fashion at a young age growing up in Jakarta he has traveled the globe for glamorous collections with his mom as she has also owned her own clothing store. As Ezra explains to Vogue Magazine he said “his first encounters with fashion was with his mom when she owned her clothing line “Shared Williams” as they visited the Vogue offices in the early 90’s”. “He remembers his mom wearing lime green Versace and now those early 90’s styles are coming back” he explains. He’s also the son of an Indonesian real-estate tycoon, who funded his four-storey townhouse in West Village housing a shoe and handbag collection worth an estimated $740,000. But he has no interest in taking over his father’s business, preferring a future in the fashion industry instead.

Ezra has always been at the forefront of the fashion culture with bloggers and gurus such as Bryan-boy and Ej Johnson. Finding anything with glitter, sparkle, or fur from the top runways of Fashion Week, Williams probably has it all. He holds no bar as he breaks the barrier as his outfits reflect androgynous and sexy all at the same time. A risk taker on Instagram he says to Vogue Magazine “the there are different perceptions to fashion and that it is constantly changing.” If you don’t follow him on Instagram you would be taken back out he not only he dresses but the fact that the way he dresses is considered the norm in New York and Europe but during Fashion Week especially. Ezra has really defined himself as a fashion guru and socialite and has finally became a true fashionista among the ranks in the world of fashion.

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