Sky’s out Thighs out 2019 Men’s Spring Trends.

Now depending on what part of the country you live in it’s still winter but here in the south especially Texas (if it can figure out what season it wants to be in) it’s finally spring. Yes many of us who stay current with fashion know that fashion shows are not an accurate idea of what trends are coming they are more artistic than anything. Yet you can get a general idea of where the fashion trends and ideas are going to go. Each year and season is different and you won’t exactly know what will be the trend until fashion week starts or you get an idea from what you see on the streets. This season there are so many and i can only speak on a few because i can go on forever with the amount of trends that are out. A few we have are Baroque, cross body bags, sneakers, jewelry, and double breasted blazers. Now let’s get a jumpstart on this years trends.


Now we all know that the typical running shoe has been in for a while, but now it has been the 90’s that are making a comeback for the past year and one of the top sneakers that are popular this season is the Puma RSX Toys. These shoes are sick and the amount of different color ways that puma has made for this style shoe is amazing. They have a color for whatever outfit you are trying to wear. So this season Puma’s are a go to shoe for the Spring/ Summer season.

Cross body bags.

Cross body bags are another 90’s comeback that has started to surface over the last 6-9 months. Cross body bags aren’t the only bags that are a hot trend for men but bags in general have been an accessory for men that have been a go to item for men including the man purse which for some guys may not be your style but, find something that fits your style and personality and separate your style from everyone else.


Now Baroque is something that is not new it’s an old school classic that a lot of hip hop artists in the 90’s loved to wear like Biggie Smalls and Diddy. With its silk or polyester material which is light and allows a lot of air to flow through especially on days when it’s hot. I’m sure a lot of guys will love this style because it looks like Versace or Gucci. If you can’t afford those brands; stores like Zara, Topman, and H&M carry this style of shirt. This style also stems from the 16th century Including certain patterns that you may see in certain stores and any gentlemen would love to have this because ladies and guys love how this shirt looks during the spring and summer seasons.

Double Breasted Blazers

Double breasted blazers have been in style normally during the winter times because they are normally made with thick and finer material. Now they are making them with lighter materials for the spring and summer times. This classic look is a must have and will score you points in the dating scene. If you not only want to change your wardrobe but also give it an upgrade because your getting older or want to feel like a fly guy and you just feeling yourself that day then this is the way to go.


Now that the hot season is hear it’s hard to layer and give your outfit that extra umf like coats and jackets that you normally look for to separate yourself. To do that add some rings, watches and bracelets to give yourself a little sparkle to give your outfit that eye catching attention you want. Every guy will be wearing a t-shirt and jeans so step outside your comfort zone and be different for a change and step out with a big this spring and summer and be that flawless king you desire to be.

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